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Choosing Your Child’s Crib

I’m certain you’re very thrilled about your baby’s approaching birth! Well that’s very typical due to the fact a baby a wonder of life and should be the product of the love two persons have for each other. An important part of that anticipation will be shown in the consideration and work you put in to creating your baby’s nursery.

While you make preparations for your baby’s birth, among the initial choices you make will likely be choosing from among the many baby cribs that are offered. And choosing the right baby crib boils down to a pair of truly crucial features which are safety and comfort.. Matters of funding, designs, and model will come in as close seconds. It is really terrific to get a crib that you like, but it is your child who will be spending a lot of time there. And so even though you want your nursery to be beautiful and coordinated, never put your child’s safety or level of comfort in second place.

Below are some tips:

  • The slats must be spaced so as to avoid entrapment of small feet and hands.
  • The sides have to be of adequate height to stop your child from climbing out once he or she is of sufficient age to try to do so.
  • The sides should have non-toxic padding to stop accidental injuries caused by falling down while in the baby’s crib.
  • The baby’s crib should be of adequate dimensions to give ample space to sleep and play in. The area inside the baby’s room may even impact that crib size.
  • The mattress should be selected with your baby’s health and safety in mind.

Look over the construction. As an example, you’ll find types of cribs baby furniture that are fitted with drop-down sides. Additional designs have different parts which can be adjusted. These types of capabilities may be great conveniences, but examine things with great care to make certain not one of these moving components presents any safety risks.

Remember where we began this short article, and that was emphasizing your infant’s safety and comfort. Once a potential baby’s crib has passed those tests you are able to indulge yourself in thoughts of which one is going to be perfect in your new nursery.

– Tiffany is a new mom and enjoys writing about maternity topics at sites like Baby Cribs and Trendy Maternity Clothes

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Selecting Baby Cribs

The birth of your baby is a highly-anticipated event in the family. It is also one which requires enough preparation from you simply because your baby is going to be entirely dependent on your tender loving care.

With that being the situation, listed here are some things to think about when selecting from among the numerous baby cribs in the shops.

The child’s crib will have to be first-rate in terms of safety for your child. Consumer organizations plus government agencies often set safety standards intended to protect against dangers to your child. Nevertheless , you still need to examine anything involving your child with great care.

Here are some safety-related issues to take into account concerning cribs baby furniture:

  • Check for omitted, wobbly, and broken hardware, slats as well as other wooden pieces to prevent injuries. Ensure that the mattress is tight-fitting to lessen the chances of your infant getting his or her fingers or hands stuck between it and the crib.
  • Check out the slats of the child’s crib so that you can make sure your baby can’t get stuck between them. There should be absolutely no absent or cracked slats.
  • Choose according to your design preferences – think of it as the beauty of your baby crib. Remember that you’ll be viewing the crib for lots of months in to the future, so you might as well choose the one which speaks to your concept of beauty.
  • Review your funds. Cost is usually an important element simply because you’ve still got to buy additional baby accessories like clothes, diapers, baby bottles, changing tables and dressers, to name several.
  • Make sure that your baby’s crib is tough. As your baby grows, the crib needs to have the ability to carry the child’s weight especially when playing in the crib. Your checks on the metal hardware as well as the wooden components are ways to make certain that this baby’s crib is rugged.

Got it? Ready to find the perfect baby crib amid the sea of cribs baby furniture? Now go shopping and also have a ball!

-Tiffany is a new mom and enjoys writing about maternity topics at sites like Baby Cribs and Trendy Maternity Clothes

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So you’ve gotten the fundamentals of the nursery together. You have the ideal type of flooring. The walls are painted and decorated. You have bought a baby’s crib and a changing table. You’ve shopped the merchants and looked at a variety of baby furniture dressers before choosing the dresser which will be best. Now just what else could you want for the baby’s room?

Baby monitor.:
These small wireless products are so useful. You’ll be able to tell right away if your baby has awakened from a nap and is crying, wherever you are in your house. Get one.

Baby gliders and baby rocking chairs:
There is simply something about having a truly comfy rocking chair in the baby’s room that sooths both child and mother. Look for one that is sturdily crafted and that’s extremely comfortable. You could possibly end up spending considerable time together with your child there.

Lights:Soft, comfortable lighting for those late nights with your child will likely be a blessing to both of you. Of course, the number one concern here is safety. That includes both the light fixture itself and where you choose to locate it.

Make some sort of provision for playing  music in the nursery. You might discover it enjoyable to experiment to discover exactly what varieties of sounds or music are most soothing to your baby.


This is easy enough. You’ll want a few age-appropriate toys handy for your baby to play with including during diaper changes.

Diaper pail
You will need a safe, hygienic location to dispose of diapers. Once again, the health and safety of your baby is the number one priority, especially when he or she is old enough to move all around and investigate.

Not one of these items need to be boring or plain. There are a myriad of choices available.  There are plenty of inexpensive items that are to stretch your budget, just be sure that you don’t scrimp on safety or ease and comfort.

Acquire some sturdy furniture and it’s going to last you well beyond your first child. Begin with your crib, your changing table and your baby furniture dresser. Then assemble your nursery considering the things we’ve discussed in this article. And best wishes for much happiness with your child!

* Tiffany is a new mom and enjoys writing about maternity topics at sites like Baby Furniture and Baby Cribs and Baby Cribs n Strollers

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Help! How do I choose a Baby Crib?

Choosing a baby crib used to be quite straightforward when there wasn’t that much on offer. Most cribs were a standard rectangular shape with slatted sides and one that dropped down. Oh boy, have times changed. There are so many to choose from now that it can seem overwhelming! Should you go for a standard design, a round one, a traditional one or even an eco-friendly one?

Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice for your baby and as the decorative focal point of your nursery.

Safety First

The most important consideration is the safety of the baby or infant who is going to be sleeping in the crib. If you are thinking about buying a used crib or accepting one passed on from a friend or relative, it very important to check out the current baby safety guidelines because the safety standards for cribs have changed in recent years.

To help you out, we’re including the guidelines taken from the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. They are as follows:

Tips for Selecting a Crib:

  • Infants should ALWAYS sleep in a crib, which meets current Federal and ASTM standards
  • The crib mattress should fit snugly with no more than two fingers width, one-inch, between the edge of the mattress and the crib side. Otherwise, the baby can get trapped between the mattress and the side of the crib
  • No pillow-like bumpers
  • Look for the JPMA Certification Seal

Tips for Use:

  • Remember to ALWAYS keep the drop side up when the baby is in the crib
  • NEVER place the crib near windows, draperies, blinds, or wall mounted decorative accessories with long cords
  • Make sure there are no missing, loose, broken, or improperly installed screws, brackets or other hardware on the crib or the mattress support
  • Crib slats or spindles should be spaced no more than 2 3/8″ apart, and none should be loose or missing
  • Never use a crib with corner posts over 1/16 of an inch above the end panels (unless they are over 16″ high for a canopy) * Babies can strangle if their clothes become caught on corner posts. These should be unscrewed or sawed off, and the remaining end panel should be sanded smooth
  • No cut out areas on the headboard or foot board so baby’s head cannot get trapped
  • ALWAYS use a crib sheet that fits securely on the mattress, wraps around the mattress corners and stays securely on the mattress corners
  • No cracked or peeling paint
  • No splinters or rough edges
  • Use bumper pads only until the child can pull up to a standing position. Then remove them so baby cannot use the pads to climb out of the crib
  • Mobiles should also be removed when baby can pull himself or herself up
  • NEVER place infants to sleep on pillows, sofa cushions, adult beds, waterbeds, beanbags, or any other surface not specifically designed for infant sleep

Choosing your crib

Now that you know what safety aspects to check for, it’s time to choose the crib. There are so many styles to choose from, including sleigh style, four posters, canopy cribs, cribs especially for twin babies, iron cribs and hand painted ones. You can find out more about all of these by doing an internet search on them but in this guide, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons at the two most popular current styles, the round crib and the convertible one.

A Round Crib

These cribs are adorable and make an amazing centerpiece for any nursery. However, before you make your choice, here are the pros and cons.


  • It will be a real show-stopper in the Nursery
  • They usually come with posts, with or without a canopy
  • They will fit anywhere in the room, so they are just right for oddly shaped rooms that have been changed into a nursery, like an attic with a sloping ceiling
  • You won’t need to buy a separate mattress as these cribs usually come with a round mattress. This is where you need to check out the safety guidelines. The mattress should fit so that you can only get one finger between it and the crib side. The slats should be no more than 2?” apart.


The sizing of these cribs can be a little confusing. A sales person may tell you that these have more square inches and they do – but they don’t have length which allows an infant to sleep in the crib once they are past a certain size and age.

To understand this, let’s look at the dimensions.A standard rectangular crib is 54½” long and 30¼” wide. A round crib usually has an internal diameter of 42” and an external diameter of 46”, which means that it has more than 8 inches less of ‘growing’ room. If you intend to move your baby into a toddler bed or ordinary bed once they reach 1½ years or 2 years old then this won’t be a problem but if you want them in the crib longer than that – then this style won’t suit you…or your baby.

  • Price is a downside.  They start at around $800 and can go to over $1200 or more.
  • You can of course find bargains, if you spend time shopping around.
  • You will need to source round bedding.

This isn’t a real problem as you can find it in retail stores and online but it’s just something to bear in mind.

A Convertible Crib

What is it?

There are two basic styles of convertible crib. The ‘3 in 1’ goes from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a daybed. The ‘4 in 1’ does those three but then goes one step further by converting to a full sized bed.


  • You only have to buy one bed and if you choose the ‘4 in 1’ that’s it until your child leaves home!


  • Price again – these cribs start at around $170 and can go to over $2,000.
  • It ties you in to having the same bed and limits your decorating choices and doesn’t take your growing child’s tastes into consideration.

Relax and enjoy

When choosing your crib, above all, enjoy it! Take your time browsing the internet, bookmark your favorites and then you can compare prices and sizes. Although the choice is overwhelming, it does mean that you will find the crib of your dreams so have fun searching!

A final note about the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

Their website is a wonderful place with safety guidelines and tips for every kind of infant paraphernalia from safety gates to stationary activity centers and everything in between. If you’d like to read more about any of these things go and check it out here.