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Disney Princess Pretty Pink Toddler Bed

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Da Vinci Sleigh Toddler BedKids grow up in a hurry. It probably seems like yesterday that you set up the first baby crib. Now your child is ready to move up to the big kid leagues.

If you’re concerned that your child may not be ready to make a move from a crib to a twin bed then a toddler sleigh bed is a good intermediary. A toddler bed helps a child ease out of the safety and security of a crib to their own regular bed.

The DaVinci SleighToddler Bed has a lot of features for a really good price. Here are some of its features:

Color Choice: You aren’t stuck with just a plain white toddler bed. This unit comes in several different colors, White, Oak, Cherry, Ebony, and Natural. This means you’ll be able to match the bed to your child’s room with a minimum of hassle.

Size: The toddler bed isn’t as big as a full sized twin. In fact you can just use the mattress from the crib saving you money on bedding.

Safety: This bed has raised side rails along with a headboard and foot board to help keep the most rambunctious toddler safely in bed. Other ways the bed keeps your child safe are its low height, only about a foot off the floor, and it’s rounded edges.

Things We Like:

  • All the tools you need to assemble the bed are included with the unit. It assembles easily in about an hour.
  • The DaVinci SleighToddler Bed is made out of natural pine wood. There’s no worry about a child ingesting toxic plastic or PVC.
  • The durability of this bed is wonderful. The solid construction means it will stand up to the worst abuse your toddler can throw at it. The bed isn’t going to collapse just because a child jumps on it while playing.