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The Ingenuity of a Sit and Stand Stroller

jovy-sit-and-stand-stroller As a busy dad with three kids under five, my most used baby item was our trusty double stroller. I could plop the toddler in the back, the baby in the front – and chase the oldest, just barely out of toddler stage herself – all over the store. She was too old to sit in the back toddler seat, and too independent and squirmy for it anyway.

She did, however, take frequent breaks to slip beneath my arms and try to ride on the back basket – which invariably overbalanced the stroller and made it unsafe at any speed. That was ten years ago – and I dreamed of a stroller that would accommodate my three little treasures in a safe, comfortable and age appropriate way. Enter the Baby Trend sit and stand strollers.

Sit and stand strollers hit the store shelves just about the time that my youngest was striking out on his own – when I no longer needed one. These strollers, pioneered by Baby Trend, who still make the most popular models, feature a regular stroller seat/bed for an infant or toddler, and a standing platform behind it where an older child can hop on and ride when their little legs need a break from trying to keep up. Most models of sit and stand strollers are designed with safety belts and hand-hold bars for the older child to make sure that they’ll ride safely.

Innovations to the sit and stand stroller design include a drop down rear-facing seat so your older child can ride in comfort if they want, or stand and look out over the stroller canopy at the road ahead. Baby Trend added stadium seating to its traditional sit and stand stroller design a few years after its introduction, setting the rear seat several inches higher than the front to give the older child clearance to see ahead without standing.

The best of the best, though, and the sit and stand stroller I would have traveled to Timbuktu (with kids in tow) to buy was Baby Trend’s Triple Sit and Stand stroller, with two front facing seats for twins or younger children and one standing platform with fold down seat for a toddler who just can’t keep up with adult legs. It’s no longer made, but you can still find them on eBay or at tag sales.

Sit and stand strollers are one of those innovative ideas that make such perfect sense you can’t help wondering why they haven’t ALWAYS been available. If you’re expecting and have a child up to five or six years old already, a sit and stand stroller (list price new from $149.99) is one of the best investments you can make.


The phenomenon known as the Bugaboo stroller or Frog stroller has hit the US market with a bang.  Bugaboo Strollers are a unique product designed by a small Dutch design company in conjunction with a medical doctor to provide the most ergonomically designed stroller for your baby.

A wonderful stroller that easily adjusts to suit your needs and will accommodate your child from babyhood to pre-school. The Bugaboo is designed to fold easily in a compact package and offers a smooth comfortable ride.

The Bugaboo Frog stroller has the following features:

  • Weighs only 19-23 lb.
  • ‘Frog’-like suspension in the small swivel wheels. Allows curbs and bumps to be easily navigated.
  • 3-in-one system for your 0-4 year old child.
  • Detachable front stroller bar
  • Seat adjustable to 3 position reclining seat
  • Two small swiveling wheels for easy city maneuvering
  • Two large terrain wheels for off road
  • Converts to a two wheel position to be pulled on the beach or snow
  • Reversible handlebar
  • Adjustable/reversible/removable seat/bassinet: Can face child or turn to face walking direction
  • All fabrics machine washable
  • 5-Point harness
  • Parking brake near handlebar
  • Underseat bag
  • Generous sun canopy to block sun and elements. Adjust to 3 positions and removable.
  • Rain cover and mosquito net included.
  • Can fold down complete to fit into small trunk.

bugaboo-stroller-completeCustom made accessories: Parasol, foot muff, wheeled board (for older child to stand on), bag clips, diaper bag, transport bag, car seat adaptor for Graco and Peg Perego.

Optional accessories for your Bugaboo stroller include:

  • Umbrella-with UV protection for the summer sun
  • Footmuff/sleeping bag- for those cold days
  • Diaper Bag – can be worn as a backpack or attached to the Bugaboo handle bar. It includes a changing mat, nice pockets for all your baby and personal items and insulated pockets for bottles
  • Wheeled board- fun for your older child (max. weight 44lb) to stand on and ride along
  • Transport bag- great for travel to provide extra protection during travel
  • Bag clips- that can attach to handle bar for light shoppings or to hold a purse
  • Car seat adaptor

How to Choose a Twin Stroller

Twin strollers are a huge help to people who are caring for young children of similar ages and sizes. They also give parents much more mobility when leaving the house with twins.

However, there are two major categories of twin strollers – side-by-side strollers, where the children sit next to each other, and tandem strollers, where one child sits behind the other. If you’re in the market for a new stroller for your twins, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each model.

This guide will compare the types of twin strollers, and let you decide which style is right for you.


Bob Revolution Duallie StrollerBoth side-by-side and tandem twin strollers have advantages and disadvantages in terms of comfort. Many side-by-side strollers, for example, have the option to recline the seats fully, but some require both seats to be at the same angle.

Tandem strollers, on the other hand, allow the seats to be adjusted individually, but oftentimes the front seat cannot recline fully. This would prevent its use with infants under six months old. Another problem when it comes to the comfort of tandem twin strollers is that the baby in the back seat can kick the seat in front or pull the other baby’s hair, which can make for a very unpleasant ride.

Furthermore, the child in the back seat may have limited legroom, and may have his or her view blocked by the front seat.


Side-by-side twin strollers tend to be less likely to tip when going around turns. However, tandem strollers are easier to maneuver with one hand, which can be helpful if one child is fussy and needs to be carried.

Side-by-side strollers can be difficult to fit through narrow doors or aisles in stores, making shopping a frustrating task.

Whichever model of stroller you select, ergonomic handles made of non-slip materials and wheels that swivel will make maneuvering with twin strollers much simpler.


bumbleride-indie-twin-strollerTransportation can be an issue when it comes to larger twin strollers. Side-by-side strollers can oftentimes be folded down into a more compact bundle, which is helpful if you need your stroller to fit into the trunk of your car or if you want to be able to store it easily. Side-by-side twin strollers also tend to be more lightweight, making them easier to handle when packing children into or out of a car.

So which model of twin strollers should you choose?

The answer varies from family to family, but this information should put you on the path to making the decision that’s right for you.


One of the best places to shop for twin strollers is Amazon. They have over 100 different double strollers to choose from. CLICK HERE to browse the full range.

If you are beginning to look for an umbrella stroller, then your baby is probably reaching the age of about six months and is ready to sit up and look at the world around him. At this point, you are probably tired of pushing a big, hard to maneuver stroller in busy shopping malls and streets.

An umbrella stroller is exactly what you need to make life a little easier. Umbrellas strollers are lightweight, easy to maneuver and are quite affordable. They are easy to fold and pick up with your baby in your other arm and can easily be taken onto public transport or be placed in the trunk of a car.

The MacLaren company were actually the inventors of the umbrella stroller back in the 60’s. Maclaren also invented the three-fold system of folding strollers. This unique folding system allows the stroller to fold forward and inwards creating a neater, trimmer package.

For those with twins or triplets, double and triple umbrella strollers are available. These are jeep-all-weather-umbrella-strollermanufactured to ensure that you still get the same benefits as a single stroller so they are still easy to fold and are relatively lightweight.

An umbrella stroller can be as affordable as you wish but remember that you generally get what you pay for. If you want something that will last the distance then try not to go for the cheapest model available. Look for good quality brand names and check the features thoroughly before making your decision.

Amazon have one of the most extensive ranges of umbrella strollers. CLICK HERE to browse their full range.

Umbrella strollers are lightweight, easy to maneuver strollers. Why are they called umbrella strollers? Because they have hooked handles and fold up neatly like an umbrella. They are ideal for quick dashes to the shops or if you are taking public transport as they are quick and easy to fold and maneuver in crowded public areas.

Umbrella strollers are generally cheaper than most other strollers. Most  are fairly basic without the added extras found in regular strollers such as under storage baskets and bottle holders. Unless they state otherwise, these strollers are generally not suited for newborns.

Not all umbrella strollers adjust right back so are not suited for young infants who need adequate head and neck support. They are best for toddlers who are able to sit upright in the stroller.

evenflo-x-sport-convenience-strollerReclining umbrella strollers are available online, with the convenience of the easy to fold facility but also provide support for baby’s developing neck and back muscles, whether sitting or reclining.

The recliner strollers have back slats built into the fabric and partially recline to allow baby to take a nap.

Amazon have an extensive range of umbrella strollers to choose from. CLICK HERE to browse their full range.

Umbrellas strollers are available in single, double and triple styles making them suitable for multiple births or where you have two or more infants close in age but not yet walking.  Most parents purchase an umbrella stroller as a second stroller as their baby gets older. They are easy to fold, light enough to carry onto public transport and easy to place in the trunk of a car.

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