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Graco SnugRider Infant Car Seat Stroller Frame

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Cars are cramped enough when trying to lug around everything needed to care for a baby.

That’s why you will greatly appreciate the Safety 1st Acella Sport Travel System . It combines a stroller with a car seat. You will really like not having to lug around a separate stroller and baby seat. 

The Safety 1st Acella Sport Travel System comes with a lot of features for a really low price compared to other popular name brands you may have looked at.

 Assembly out of the box was really simple it only takes about thirty minutes to set up. Once you get everything put together and take it out for a test run you may be surprised at how stable it is. It’s a tricycle model and that can make many people a bit nervous about stability. 

Luckily thought the front wheel is a dual system so it tracks and pushes effortlessly. Trying to juggle a child, stroller and car seat is a challenge that’s why we were so impressed with the one hand fold system. It made breaking it down for storage in the trunk a real breeze. It was just as easy to set back up once we got it out of the car. As an added safety feature there is an audible click when all the parts engage and lock. This little bit of extra assurance let us know it was safe for the baby to be in the stroller.

You will love the overall style, function and design of the Safety 1st Acella Travel Systems. It costs much less than the bigger brands but has really solid construction. Honestly, you may find yourself quite surprised with how much quality you get when you open the box and put the unit together.

What We Like:

  • The five-point harness for the car seat is rugged, but easily adjustable.
  • The stroller has a built in tray that we really liked for holding sippy cups and other drinks. It kept our hands free and didn’t load down the diaper bag

This stroller has received mixed reviews on the new, with some users being absolutely delighted and others found that the car seat somewhat heavy to carry with the baby inside.

evenflo-x-sport-plus-convenience-strollerHaving a little one in the family means taking lots of extras with you when you go out.

So one of the primary things you need is a stroller.

While you like holding your baby, there are times you need to be able to put the little one down, not to mention you have a lot of things you need to carry to have with the baby at all times. This is where the Evenflo X Sport Plus Convenience Stroller comes into play.

The Evenflo Sport Plus Convenience Stroller can carry a child weighing  up to 40 lbs, which means this stroller will give you a good length of service.

The engineering of this stroller takes into account just what is needed to be able to get out and about with baby without a lot of grief:

Higher Handles – Since we are all not the same height, these taller handles make this stroller a more comfortable one to use for those who are taller.

Storage – In addition to baby you need to carry a lot of things. This stroller has cup holders, a mesh pocket, a hanging zipper bag and even a concealed storage space for things that are better not seen.

Motion – With treaded wheels, this stroller can keep smooth rolling even when others may start to skip and catch.

Sun Block – The canopy of this stroller is adjustable and will keep your baby safe from the damaging rays of the sun.

What We Like:

  • This  stoller has a lot of storage space  so you don’t have to juggle lots of extra items  plus the stroller.
  • For those who are taller than average height, this has higher handles that will make it easier to use this stroller.
  • The mesh seat allows air to circulate more easily, keeping your baby from getting too hot.
  • The adjustable canopy also keeps baby sheltered from harmful sun rays.
  • The fabric console has 2 cup holders, a mesh pocket, and concealable storage

CLICK HERE to buy the Evenflo Sport Plus Convenience Stroller and read the great reviews this stroller has received.

What to Look for When Buying a Stroller

bob-revolutions-strollerBringing a baby into your home means there are a lot of new things you need to have to make sure you can safely and easily take care of that baby. One of those things is a stroller.

If you have never had a stroller before, you may not know what to look for one in one, so here’s a list of tips to keep in mind before you make a selection:


Do your homework and read the reviews about any stroller you are considering buying. One of the things you  want to make sure about  is that the stroller  is constructed from durable materials and will be strong and sturdy for the time your child requires it. And if you are considering having other children you will want to be able to pass it onto the next child.

Safety Harness

It is important your baby can be held in safely and securely in the stroller when you are out and about, especially as your child starts to be able to pull himself upright or wiggle around.

Handle Height

Depending on your height, the handle height of the stroller may be too short or too tall. Make sure it can be adjusted to a height that will suit you.


Ensure the stroller has an adequate braking system. A foot operated brake is probably more user friendly than other types.

Smooth Rolling

It is vital that the wheels are able to roll smoothly and effortlessly, otherwise you will have a jumpy stroller that is no fun to push for you or for your baby to ride in. Test out the stroller thoroughly as soon as you get it.


You always need to be able to carry things with you like diapers, bottles , toys and other baby items so make sure there is a place to hang or store things on the stroller to make life easier for you.


Make sure the stroller is easy to fold up so you can put it in and out of a car with minimum hassle.


Do you have more than one little one? If so, you will  need a stroller that can hold multiple babies.

quad-stroller-foundationSome people find it a challenge to venture out of the house with two children – but now imagine trying to make the same trip with four!  Whether you have quadruplets or are simply caring for four children of toddler age or younger, quad strollers can enhance your maneuverability and make shopping trips or long walks with the whole family possible.  Here are some important tips for using quad strollers.


Most quad strollers are equipped with two seats in the back and two in the front.  This can lead to squabbling over who gets to sit in the front seats, which have better views and more legroom.  Switching which child gets which seat every time you use your quad strollers can prevent fighting and jealousy.


Quad strollers can be big and bulky, and it can take a little bit of practice to get used to pushing around the weight of four children.  In order to ensure a safe and fun trip, make a few practice runs with your stroller before going out with your children.  Placing a weight in each seat can help you get the feel of what it’s like to push around a fully loaded stroller without putting your children in jeopardy.  Remember not to walk too fast – that much momentum can make quad strollers hard to stop.


Quad strollers are quite a bit larger than standard strollers, for obvious reasons.  If you need to transport your stroller in a car or minivan, you will probably have to partially disassemble it.  Luckily, most quad strollers are designed with this in mind, and are easy to take apart and put back together.  However, you might want to practice a few times before taking the children out to the mall and being stuck when it’s time to go home!


Because quad strollers are not in as high demand as standard or double strollers, they can be difficult to find in local shops.  Locating and ordering quad strollers online ensures that you can get the model you want.

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