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instep-safari-swivel-double-jogging-stroller1Once a baby is born almost all new mothers want to do two things – spend as much time as they can with their baby and get their body back to the great shape it was in before they got pregnant. For many new mothers that means they will be in the market for a jogging stroller.

If you are one of these mothers, here are some things to consider as you search for the best jogging stroller for your situation.

The look

Jogging strollers are different then regular strollers, instead of four wheels, they tend to have three, one in the front center and two in the back. This helps streamline the stroller for moving at the speeds a jogger will go.

The Wheels

One of the most important parts of your jogging stroller will be the wheels it has on it. After all, you are going to want it to keep up with a much faster pace than a regular stroller and possibly more rugged terrain. A simple rule of thumb is that the larger the wheel is the smoother the ride inside will be. If you are going to be doing a lot of off-road running, you may want to go for the top end 20″ wheels.


When it comes to the construction of your jogging stroller you need to think about the kind of use and abuse you are going to put it through. It is vital that it can stand up to a little harder usage than a regular, mild use stroller.

Some jogging strollers are made of steel, but you have to remember this can rust, especially if you live along a shoreline. In this case you may want to look for a more rust-resistant alloy.

Harness and Canopy

You also have to remember your baby’s safety when it comes to your jogging stroller. Make sure there is a good harness in place so your baby is held safely in place while you are jogging. Also make sure there is a canopy so your baby is shielded from the sun when you are out on a jog.