The baby monitor technology has changed with the times and there are various options that you have to choose from. Obviously as you keep adding features the price of the baby monitor also increases. From analog devices that could only transmit one-way, we now have digital devices that can send audio signals in both directions allowing the parent to talk the child when there is a need to do so. We also have video baby monitors so that parents can have the reassurance of seeing their baby in front of their eyes as they catch a movie or sit and chat. The old fashioned wireless baby monitors have also almost completely been replaced by wireless ones that seem to have various added benefits. Some of these are:

Advantages of Wireless Baby Monitors


–          Portability – The wireless baby monitor is extremely portable and even though the transmitter is fixed on to the baby’s cot, the receiver can be hung around the neck and be carried everywhere around the house as long as you can be sure that you are in the range that catches the audio signal sent by the transmitter.

–          Easy set up – A wireless baby monitor is extremely easy to set up since there is no need to tangle with the wires. In addition to that there is no need to try and decide where the receiver shall be placed or designate a specific central place from where the sound of the baby can be heard. This may be an option if you know that you will always be in a specific room when the baby is asleep, something that is not easy to live by.

–          Travel convenience – The transmitter part of the wireless baby monitor is extremely easy to remove so that you can take it with you when you are travelling. So even when you are visiting your mother or mother in law or a friend, you can spend time with them if you have the comfort of a baby safety monitor that you can set up in their home. These convenient wireless gadgets are helpful even when you plan a vacation in a hotel so that you can catch a relaxing afternoon on the portico while your baby rests.

Disadvantages of Wireless Baby Monitors


–          Even though wireless baby monitors provide a lot of convenience and ease, they are prone to disturbances that might interfere with the transmission unless you have made sure that you have bought a baby monitor that sends signals at a frequency that is not crowded. This interference is caused by the various electronic devices that we use in the house including the wireless phone, Internet router and mobile phones.

–          The range of a wireless baby monitor is critical. While one can never be out of range in a wired baby monitor, it is very easy it get out of range without realizing that the baby monitor will not catch the signal even if your baby cries.

Weigh the pros and cons of wired and wireless baby monitors before you decide the one that you prefer to purchase.

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