Baby mobiles provide soothing  music that can either entertain   your baby or lull him/them  to sleep.  Although babies can’t  see very clearly when they are first born, their sense of hearing is very good. Studies have shown that music could  boost a babies IQ.  

The other major benefit of mobiles for babies   is to provide baby with something attractive to look at and interact with.  Since babies cannot see beyond 10 inches when they are first born , having a mobile that hangs over their crib provides an intriguing object to study within their visual range.

Mobiles have the added bonus of actually stimulating and strengthening your baby’s muscles and aiding in coordination.  Your baby will follow the movement of the mobile, strengthening the muscles in his eyes.  Soon after, he will begin to understand that the mobile might be within his reach.  The mobile will encourage him to reach his arms to grab the moving objects, also helping his understanding of spatial awareness and strengthening his arm and neck muscles.

There are great quality mobiles available now, baby einstein crib mobiles    offer the Jungle Discoveries Mobile that coordinates with other nursery decor.  This mobile features 4 plush animals designed with different fabrics to catch your baby’s interest.

Or looking for a portable mobile?  Tiny love baby mobiles   make the Clip & Go Mobile. This mobile easily clips onto a variety of objects, like your baby’s car seat or swing, and is battery operated so that it will play continuous classical music.  Moving objects will disappear and reappear. The mobile was created in a black, white, and red palate. These high contrast colors are what baby’s can see in the earliest stages and will hold their interest longer than other colors.  

There is a great variety though.  Some just go round while others are comprised of objects that move back and forth as well as up and down.  As your baby waits to see what will happen next, she is actually slowly increasing her attention span.  And as objects disappear from her line of vision only to reappear shortly thereafter, she is learning about object permanence.  Understanding object permanence boosts her understanding of the world and promotes a sense of security.  

Mobiles are a wonderful toy for a newborn baby up to about five months.  When your baby starts pulling himself up, withdraw the mobile from the crib. When you baby can move around, he no longer needs to be entertained with a mobile. Then other developmental toys will certainly suffice.

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