Attending a baby shower and don’t know what to purchase for the new baby? Onesies, diapers, and sleepers are all much-needed gifts . But, why not add something indispensible to your gift bag that most new parents don’t even realize they need until they need it? A White noise cd.

What is white noise you might ask?
Well, quite simply , it’s the monotonic drone noise you hear when a fan is running. Or the sound your wheels make on the road while you are driving. Experts will tell you it is all the frequencies a human ear can hear put all together. Somewhat like white light is all the colors human eyes can see put all together.

Why would a baby like white noise?
Well, a baby, especially a colic baby , responds to hearing white noise. Playing white noise cd’s mimics the womb sound baby heard for nine months . When a baby is born, it is thrust into a confusing, loud, startling world. Often , the baby can’t deal with the stress and reacts in the one way way she knows how.

To cry .

A lot .

White noise can help soothe the crying by tricking baby into believing she is back in the womb where everything was warm and cozy .

For anyone who has been subjected to a baby suffering from colic , they can testify . Colic is not a pleasant experience . A colicky baby can take a mild-mannered parent and transform them into a stressed out shell. New parents, in particular, might not have the faintest idea that their baby is has colic . Because of the excessive crying, they might assume they are doing something wrong and become incredibly frustrated. That’s when your white noise baby shower gift becomes the real savior . Just hearing a few moments of the cd will calm that colic baby quick .

But there’s more! White noise cd’s have other cool uses for baby.

Acts as a sleep aid
Another bonus of playing white noise is baby sleeps better . Not only does the white noise soothe a fussy outburst, it also masks out other noises around the home that may disturb baby’s slumber . Instead of being startled when a dog barks, or a doorbell rings , baby won’t even hear it ! Baby will sleep soundly .

What’s the best type of white noise to buy
White noise is can be found in several variations. The type recommended by experts is either a vacuum cleaner sound or hair dryer sound. These types mimic the tone baby experienced in the womb the best.

Try not to buy white noise cd’s that are just digital noise. Look for the kind that are real recordings of either a vacuum cleaner, or a hair dryer running.

Where do I buy white noise?
You can buy white noise almost anywhere. You can even purchase it online or download it as an MP3 from ITunes and burn your own CD for the baby shower gift. Just Google Vacuum Cleaner White Noise to find out where you can buy a white noise cd online.

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