Kiddopotamus-Snuzzler-Complete-Head-and-Body-SupportHaving a child really changes your life. You have to think about a lot of stuff you probably never considered before. First and foremost is the health and safety of your child.

Probably the most dangerous place for your child is in your car. Car baby seats offer great protection in the event of an accident but there’s more you can do to protect your child.

The Kiddopotamus Snuzzler Complete Head and Body Support is a great multi-use cushion for your baby. It cradles a child’s sides and neck keeping them snug and comfortable. The cushioning conforms to your kid’s shape along the sides, neck and head keeping them from moving around. The Snuzzler won’t interfere with the use of any type of restraint system.

Another great thing about the Snuzzler is that you can move it from car seat to baby carriage. It can go anywhere your baby goes.

One of the really unique features about this is its dual sided construction. The Snuzzler works in all seasons. It has a fleece side designed to help keep your baby cozy warm in the coldest climate and cool wicking cotton fabric on the other side for the hottest summer days. You never have to worry about your baby overheating or getting chilly.

Kiddopotamus is committed to safety. The Snuzzler is rigorously tested by independent agencies to ensure its safe in a car crash. The unit pads the sides and not the back. You don’t have to worry about a car seat not doing its job.

What We Like:

  • As adorable as babies are no one would say they are the cleanest of creatures. That’s why it’s so nice that the Snuzzler is machine washable. All it takes is a quick run through the washer and dryer and it’ll be good to go.
  • The unit fits along the sides of the baby not along his back. This means the straps that hold your precious cargo will work as designed by the car seat manufacturer.

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