stork-craft-rocking-horseA rocking horse is one of the best gifts you can get for your toddler. It not only is a great toy but also will probably become a true imaginary friend with its own personality. For a toddler though you’ll want to take a few precautions compared to hobby horses for older children.

Your child’s first rocking horse should have a few features to it. First off get one that’s low to the ground. Sure, you’ll be supervising the kid while he’s riding it but accidents can happen. Make sure you get a hobby horse that’s low to the ground to limit any injuries.

The next thing to consider is if you want a plush or hard toy. Both have their benefits. A plush toy is more comfortable and soft. A hard wooden horse though is easy to clean and much more durable. All you have to do is wipe it down. Go with a wooden or plastic horse if you’re overly concerned about sanitation.

Another thing to consider is the actual rocking mechanism. A standard rocker mechanism similar to a rocking chair is the most common. Just be sure that your child can’t get pinched when it’s rocking. There are older units that are mounted within a framework and have springs holding the horse up. DO NOT get these! The last thing you want is your child getting pinched between some springs. They can be very, very dangerous to small children.

Overall the choice is yours. If you want a rocking horse that can become an heirloom then go for a hand crafted wooden hobby horse. They’ll last for generations to come. If that isn’t as important to you then go with a commercial wood or plastic model. If you’re looking for something softer go with a plush stuffed animal style. Selecting a hobby or rocking horse for your toddler is an easy task that your child will appreciate as a favorite toy.

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