We all know how expensive babies can be.  You’re going to shell out a lot of money in clothes, diapers etcetera.  So should you buy a used baby crib to save a little money? Well yes! There’s no real reason not to.

The first concern of any parent is the health of their child. You might be worried about what sort of germs your baby will pick up if you buy a used crib. It really shouldn’t be that big a concern. You can buy and clean a used crib for a lot cheaper than you can pick up a new one.

When shopping for a used crib try and buy one from a private seller, preferably a friend. By buying privately you can get a good feel for what condition the crib actually is in. If the current owner’s home is filthy you’ll want to stay clear of the baby crib.

Look for a crib that still has a UL listing. An antique crib might look gorgeous in your home but it won’t be as safe for the baby as a newer unit. This is one case where newer is better.

One thing you will want to do is change the crib bedding  for new bedding. You don’t know how well the previous users diaper has held up. By just changing out the mattress you can eliminate the major source of any germs.

For cleaning just use a very mild bleach solution to sterilize everything. Let it dry out then rinse it down with fresh water a few times to ensure there’s nothing toxic left behind.

So there really isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t buy a used baby crib.  A little bit of research and cleaning is all you need to save some money that can then be  spent on diapers and baby food.

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