Round baby cribs offer a unique alternative to rectangular cribs and are perfect for a nursery where space is at a premium. Stylish and well designed, round cribs are a beautiful way of showing off your baby to the world.

Your baby’s crib will be one of the most expensive items you will purchase and will need to last for up to three years or until your baby is ready to move into a toddler bed. It is important then that you purchase a crib that is durable to last. Your baby will spend most of their time in that crib so you will want to be both comfortable and appealing for your baby.

Round cribs offer a 360° view of your baby and can be placed in the center of a room allowing you to utilize all four walls in the nursery. Round baby cribs also allow you to pick up your baby from any angle of the crib, and as round cribs have no corners or concussion points they provide added safety for both you and your baby.

A round baby crib is an attractive alternative to a regular crib. Most are manufactured in a four poster style which creates a fairly tale look to a nursery. Round baby cribs are available in a number of styles and you can have a round crib specifically manufactured to your needs. Many round cribs come with a canopy frame which when topped off with soft drapery and tiebacks, creates a really lovely look and feel to the nursery. A round crib with beautiful crib bedding will always get looks of awe from visitors.

Baby cribs manufactured in the US today are required to meet certain safety standards. If you are purchasing a used crib it is important to note that it may not meet current standards and could be a danger to your baby.

Round crib bedding is now widely available in a great range of styles, colors and designs so you will never have a problem in finding the appropriate bedding. Crib sets including a comforter, ruffle, crib bumper and fitted sheet are fairly standard and you can also purchase matching accessories such as wall hangings, musical mobiles, window valances, diaper stackers, drapery and more.

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