evenflo-x-sport-plus-convenience-strollerHaving a little one in the family means taking lots of extras with you when you go out.

So one of the primary things you need is a stroller.

While you like holding your baby, there are times you need to be able to put the little one down, not to mention you have a lot of things you need to carry to have with the baby at all times. This is where the Evenflo X Sport Plus Convenience Stroller comes into play.

The Evenflo Sport Plus Convenience Stroller can carry a child weighing  up to 40 lbs, which means this stroller will give you a good length of service.

The engineering of this stroller takes into account just what is needed to be able to get out and about with baby without a lot of grief:

Higher Handles – Since we are all not the same height, these taller handles make this stroller a more comfortable one to use for those who are taller.

Storage – In addition to baby you need to carry a lot of things. This stroller has cup holders, a mesh pocket, a hanging zipper bag and even a concealed storage space for things that are better not seen.

Motion – With treaded wheels, this stroller can keep smooth rolling even when others may start to skip and catch.

Sun Block – The canopy of this stroller is adjustable and will keep your baby safe from the damaging rays of the sun.

What We Like:

  • This  stoller has a lot of storage space  so you don’t have to juggle lots of extra items  plus the stroller.
  • For those who are taller than average height, this has higher handles that will make it easier to use this stroller.
  • The mesh seat allows air to circulate more easily, keeping your baby from getting too hot.
  • The adjustable canopy also keeps baby sheltered from harmful sun rays.
  • The fabric console has 2 cup holders, a mesh pocket, and concealable storage

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