bob-revolutions-strollerBringing a baby into your home means there are a lot of new things you need to have to make sure you can safely and easily take care of that baby. One of those things is a stroller.

If you have never had a stroller before, you may not know what to look for one in one, so here’s a list of tips to keep in mind before you make a selection:


Do your homework and read the reviews about any stroller you are considering buying. One of the things you  want to make sure about  is that the stroller  is constructed from durable materials and will be strong and sturdy for the time your child requires it. And if you are considering having other children you will want to be able to pass it onto the next child.

Safety Harness

It is important your baby can be held in safely and securely in the stroller when you are out and about, especially as your child starts to be able to pull himself upright or wiggle around.

Handle Height

Depending on your height, the handle height of the stroller may be too short or too tall. Make sure it can be adjusted to a height that will suit you.


Ensure the stroller has an adequate braking system. A foot operated brake is probably more user friendly than other types.

Smooth Rolling

It is vital that the wheels are able to roll smoothly and effortlessly, otherwise you will have a jumpy stroller that is no fun to push for you or for your baby to ride in. Test out the stroller thoroughly as soon as you get it.


You always need to be able to carry things with you like diapers, bottles , toys and other baby items so make sure there is a place to hang or store things on the stroller to make life easier for you.


Make sure the stroller is easy to fold up so you can put it in and out of a car with minimum hassle.


Do you have more than one little one? If so, you will  need a stroller that can hold multiple babies.

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