quad-stroller-foundationSome people find it a challenge to venture out of the house with two children – but now imagine trying to make the same trip with four!  Whether you have quadruplets or are simply caring for four children of toddler age or younger, quad strollers can enhance your maneuverability and make shopping trips or long walks with the whole family possible.  Here are some important tips for using quad strollers.


Most quad strollers are equipped with two seats in the back and two in the front.  This can lead to squabbling over who gets to sit in the front seats, which have better views and more legroom.  Switching which child gets which seat every time you use your quad strollers can prevent fighting and jealousy.


Quad strollers can be big and bulky, and it can take a little bit of practice to get used to pushing around the weight of four children.  In order to ensure a safe and fun trip, make a few practice runs with your stroller before going out with your children.  Placing a weight in each seat can help you get the feel of what it’s like to push around a fully loaded stroller without putting your children in jeopardy.  Remember not to walk too fast – that much momentum can make quad strollers hard to stop.


Quad strollers are quite a bit larger than standard strollers, for obvious reasons.  If you need to transport your stroller in a car or minivan, you will probably have to partially disassemble it.  Luckily, most quad strollers are designed with this in mind, and are easy to take apart and put back together.  However, you might want to practice a few times before taking the children out to the mall and being stuck when it’s time to go home!


Because quad strollers are not in as high demand as standard or double strollers, they can be difficult to find in local shops.  Locating and ordering quad strollers online ensures that you can get the model you want.

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