naturepedic-organic-cotton-crib-mattress Did you know that a crib mattress is one of major purchases that parents make for their comfort and well being of their baby?  So you need to purchase the best quality mattress that you can afford from the range of crib mattresses that are available.

The comfort and well-being of your baby is paramount so it is important that the crib mattress that they will spend the majority of their time on is both comfortable and durable. If your baby feels comfortable on their crib mattress they will sleep sounder, be less restless and you will have a happier baby.

Funnily enough parents may spend weeks agonizing over what color or pattern bedding to choose but tend to disregard the importance in choosing the right crib mattress.

There are two main types of crib mattresses that you can choose from – foam and innerspring or coil mattresses. If you are considering purchasing a foam mattress look for a heavy weight, high density crib mattress as this will result in a firmer mattress.  Also check the resilience; this is the ability of the mattress to spring back into shape.

Although a coil crib mattress with a high coil count of 150 coils or more is the better option, it is the amount of steel in the border rods which circle the top and bottom of the mattress and along the edges of the mattress which provide the extra support needed for active toddlers. Border rods in crib mattresses not only provide support but also allow for better weight distribution over the mattresses surface. This reduces mattress sagging.  Crib mattresses with border rods are far better quality but not necessarily more expensive.

Just remember to spend as much time with choosing your crib mattress as you do with all your other baby purchases

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