Umbrella strollers are lightweight, easy to maneuver strollers. Why are they called umbrella strollers? Because they have hooked handles and fold up neatly like an umbrella. They are ideal for quick dashes to the shops or if you are taking public transport as they are quick and easy to fold and maneuver in crowded public areas.

Umbrella strollers are generally cheaper than most other strollers. Most  are fairly basic without the added extras found in regular strollers such as under storage baskets and bottle holders. Unless they state otherwise, these strollers are generally not suited for newborns.

Not all umbrella strollers adjust right back so are not suited for young infants who need adequate head and neck support. They are best for toddlers who are able to sit upright in the stroller.

evenflo-x-sport-convenience-strollerReclining umbrella strollers are available online, with the convenience of the easy to fold facility but also provide support for baby’s developing neck and back muscles, whether sitting or reclining.

The recliner strollers have back slats built into the fabric and partially recline to allow baby to take a nap.

Amazon have an extensive range of umbrella strollers to choose from. CLICK HERE to browse their full range.

Umbrellas strollers are available in single, double and triple styles making them suitable for multiple births or where you have two or more infants close in age but not yet walking.  Most parents purchase an umbrella stroller as a second stroller as their baby gets older. They are easy to fold, light enough to carry onto public transport and easy to place in the trunk of a car.

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